IIITD, an institute leading in education and research relevant to the current technologies and needs of industry, is running several labs to support its teaching and research work being carried out by its faculty members, research scholars and students, in both CSE and ECE streams.All research labs are located in Faculty and Research block while all teaching labs are housed in the Lecture Hall Complex on the campus. Research labs, associated with focused research groups, are working in areas of IT and Electronics, details about which are given here. Teaching labs help students understand theoretical concepts taught in the course of their study.

Circuits & Innovation Lab

CIL Lab (302), which is dedicated to circuits designing, is intended to serve its facilities as one of the teaching labs and also to facilitate teaching projects and research projects. These projects and teaching work include the experimental and innovative study in the field of analog and digital circuits, microcontrollers and its applications. Read More...

Basic Electronics Lab

BE Lab (303), is dedicated to the concepts and implementation of basic circuits designing. It serves its facilities as one of the teaching labs and also to facilitate course projects. Read More...

RF & Applied Electromagnetics Lab

RFAEL lab (304)acts as a research lab to research scholars, research associates and interns, and also as a course lab for thesis and course projects. Main Research areas of the lab include understanding of high frequency devices, Antenna theory concepts and design fields. Its goal is to become a leading research and development group in the RF and Applied Electromagnetic Engineering. Read More...

Shannon Lab

The objective of Shannon Lab (305)is to manage teaching programs which include experiments and project assignments related to course work whereas the research work involves research scholars, interns and students working in the areas related to signal processing and wireless communication.Read More...


ECE-Labs provides various facilities to its users which can be accessed 24*7
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RF Workshop


RF Workshop

V2V Workshop

NS3 Workshop


Smart Gate Entry for Vehicles

This system is designed for automating the Entry/Exit System of the vehicles in the premesis using a Centrally maintained Database which helps in real time synchronization of data over wireless network between all the gates in the campus. This project is designed by B.Tech students Aditya, Dhruv, Muskaan & Parth under the guidance of Engineers Sana, Khagendra, Abhishek & Rahul.

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IC Tester

The tester is designed using the resources available in ECE-Labs to test basic digital ICs. The project was designed by B.Tech student Ashutosh under the guidance of Engineers Khagendra Joshi & Sana Ali Naqvi.

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Light Automation

This summer project is aimed at making the ECE-Labs fully automated, with lights being the first target. The project utilized ECE-Lab resources, such as Arduino Microcontroller, PIR sensors, relays etc. This was designed by B.Tech students Paritosh & Amisha under the guidance of Engineer Abhishek Kumar.

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Rahul Gupta

Research Engineer

Working experience of more than 6 years with papers published in top journal and conferences in RF domain. Currently pursuing PhD in Radio Frequency field

Sana Ali Naqvi

Jr. Research Engineer

Working experience of more than 4 years with papers published in top journal and conferences in Power Systems, Power Electronics and Wearable domain. Currently pursuing Masters in VLSI and Embedded Systems

Khagendra Joshi

Jr. Research Engineer

Working experience of more than 4 years with papers published in top conferences in Wireless Communication domain. Currently pursuing PhD in Wireless Communication field

Abhishek Kumar

Jr. Research Engineer

Working experience of more than 4 years in digital processing and test & measurement industries.


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