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Circuits & Innovation Lab (302, Lecture Hall Complex) at IIIT-Delhi, which is dedicated to circuits, is intended to serve its facilities as one of the teaching labs and also to facilitate teaching projects and research projects. These projects and teaching work include the experimental and innovative study in the field of analog and digital circuits, microcontrollers and its applications. The aim of the lab, which is under the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, is to produce trained professionals for the industry and to achieve excellence in research using latest technology and innovative ideas for research as well. It facilitates the courses such as Basic Electronics, Digital Circuits, Prototyping Interactive Systems, Circuits Theory & Devices, Integrated Electronics. The lab can cater to the requirement of 50 students per session.


New Projects:

  • Smart File Monitoring System: Implemented by Akhil Sharma & Shashank Shekhar Singh, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
  • RPi based IC tester: Implemented by Abbas Murtaza, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
  • Smart Issue Return Google Form: Implemented by Nipun Kothari, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
  • Arduino based Sensor Tester: Implemented by Dhruv Chhabra, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
  • ECE Lab Enquiry Officer (ELEO): Implemented by Jayan Pahuja, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
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    Basic Electronics

    Digital Circuits

    Integrated Electronics

    Circuit Theory and Devices

    Prototyping Interactive Systems



    DC Lab


    DC Lab





    Project Repository Find the documentation of previous projects here.

    Touchless Tap

    ECE lab has come up with a new cost-effective product 'Touchless Tap'. To ensure safety during the Corona pandemic, a sensor-based water tap is developed which doesn't require manual operation. It works when it detects your hand under the nozzle. This project is designed and developed by Research Engineers Sana & Khagendra.

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    ECE Lab Enquiry Officer (ELEO) is a chatbot which is designed to resolve any queries related to ECE Labs. You can ask the questions and it will assist you regarding the same within seconds. The project is designed by B.Tech student Jayan Pahuja under the guidance of Engineers Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi.

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    Highlights of the Semester/Year'2022

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    • Best Teaching Assistants (TAs)
      Winter 2023
    • Aditya Muralidharan
    • Chitra Sharma
    • Shikha Singh
    • Adarsh Meena
    • Shraddha Agarwal
    • Best Interns
      Summer 2023
    • Akhil Sharma
    • Shashank Shekhar Singh
    • Abbas Murtaza
    • Nipun Kothari
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    Sana Ali Naqvi

    Jr. Research Engineer
    (Assistant Manager)

    Working experience of more than 7 years with papers published in top journal and conferences in Power Systems, Power Electronics and Wearable domain.

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