Shannon Lab

The objective of Shannon Lab (305, Lecture Hall Complex) is to manage teaching programs and research facilities involving all aspects of wireless communication and signal processing. Teaching programs include experiments and project assignments related to course work of students whereas the research work involves research scholars, interns and students working in the areas related to robotics and automation, signal processing and wireless communication and networking.


New Projects:

  • ECE Lab Enquiry Officer (ELEO): Implemented by Jayan Pahuja, mentored by Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi
  • Smart File Monitoring System: Coming Soon
  • Facilities

    • NI USRP 2921
    • NI USRP 2922
    • Dual & Tri Band Antennas
    • WARP Boards
    • Power Amplifier
    • SystemVue
    • Opti System Version 14
    • ZED boards
    • Zync Boards
    • DC Communication Trainer Kits
    • Laptops
    • NI LabVIEW


    Antennas Theory and Design

    Algorithms to Architecture

    Fundamentals of Digital Communication

    Wireless System Implementation

    Signal and System

    Embedded Logic Design





    RF Workshop


    RF Workshop

    V2V Workshop

    NS3 Workshop


    Google Drive Find the documentation of previous projects here.

    Touchless Tap

    ECE lab has come up with a new cost-effective product 'Touchless Tap'. To ensure safety during the Corona pandemic, a sensor-based water tap is developed which doesn't require manual operation. It works when it detects your hand under the nozzle. This project is designed and developed by Research Engineers Sana & Khagendra.

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    ECE Lab Enquiry Officer (ELEO) is a chatbot which is designed to resolve any queries related to ECE Labs. You can ask the questions and it will assist you regarding the same within seconds. The project is designed by B.Tech student Jayan Pahuja under the guidance of Engineers Sana Ali Naqvi & Khagendra Joshi.

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    Contact Us

    Khagendra Joshi

    Jr. Research Engineer
    (Assistant Manager)

    Working experience of more than 7 years with papers published in top conferences in Wireless Communication domain. Currently pursuing PhD in Wireless Communication field.

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